What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as access points for guiding your kid inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. 

Monkey Coco team members combine Science, technology, engineering and math to make STEM fun and accessible. Our STEM Box aims to teach kids physics, mechanics, and even circuits knowledge while assembling the toys.

100+ Hours to Play

Our STEM Box will create extra more 100+ hours for you to play with your kids.

24 Handmade Toys A Year

Your kids will make 24 STEM toys during the whole year subscription.

Parent-Child Interaction

As parents are the best teacher, so let's play with your kids.

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Past Boxes We've Sent

Topic: Light Reflection

Toys Inside: Periscope & Kaleidoscope

Topic: Conservation of Energy

Toys Inside: Newton's Cradle & Electrothermal Cutting Machine

Topic: Basic Circuit

Toys: Table Lamp & Crossing Fire Line

What Parents Say

It’s really a good STEM box for kids, especially for boys elder than 5 yrs old. He was excited when opened the box, my husband also like to make things. So it’s a very nice idea to let father play with kids, and it also leaves much time for me to do something I like.

Dr. Man

 The toys are not too easy or too hard to assembly, so my son can finish the most parts, if he cannot do the work, his father can help him, very good parent-child interaction. Now they are waiting for the next month box.


If you are asking if this is suitable for a 5 yr. old, I'd say that the box says 8 and up, but if you have a bright 5 yr. old, they could certainly handle this great, educational toy. Also, if you are willing to sit and work with your child, they could even go younger. I'm very pleased with this purchase! 

Meg R.