About Monkey CoCo

Who is Monkey CoCo?

CoCo is a cute, clever little monkey who looks awkward. He is full of curiosity, good at thinking, and willing to explore the unknown world.


CoCo likes to make toys by himself and also likes to write code. He likes to help other little monkeys, and he is very popular.

Why Monkey CoCo?

We believe that learning and playing go together. Children are curious by nature and our toys are designed to engage them right away with hands-on experiences and limited screen time.


With the craftsmanship toys, children will make toys by themselves, along with well-designed knowledge cards, making it easier for them to understand complex concepts. Through a 2-4 hour manual assembly process, we are able to limit the time children spend in front of a screen. Through the topics of each month, it will be easier for a child to connect to the real world.

Our main goals are to build confidence, problem solving skills and resilience in children when faced with complex challenges. We seek to empower your child with the tools and skills needed to be an outstanding, critical thinker in the future.